Medication training for carers, nurses and schools. Accredited and competence-based.

Accredited medication training for carers, nurses, care homes, schools in the UK

Medication training for carers, support workers, nurses and schools: accredited, competence-based and shown to reduce errors

Prescription Training provides medication training for carers, support workers, nurses and schools. Our medication training is competence-based, accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and has been shown to reduce medication errors. Our training programmes teach both the theory and practical skills needed to safely handleadminister and manage medication with a strong emphasis on assessment of competence.

Our clients include:

Reduce medication errors with our training

Our PCMA® medication training workshops for carers and nurses (Practical Competencies in Medicines Administration) have been shown to reduce medication errors by 30% (in a cost benefit analysis by Hampshire County Council in 2015). Both our PCMA® workshops and distance learning are accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

Our approach is different

By focusing on the practical as well as the theoretical skills we ensure skills are transferred to practice. Our training assess the knowledge and competence at key stages, with learner reports succinctly communicated to managers. We provide follow up online assessments for those needing more support after our workshops – our Virtual Medicines Round (VMR).

We provide distance learning for medication training, online medicines assessments (VMR) and workshops which can be purchased individually or added together to provide a comprehensive medicines training solution ensuring the safe handling of medicines. Our workshops operate throughout the UK with experienced pharmacist and nurse trainers. We provide training to 14 local authorities and many independent care service providers, both large and small.

We are experts in one area – medication training

We’re different because we only offer medication training. It allows us to be experts in this one area – it’s our focus, and our passion, our drive. All too often, giving “Medicines from memory” leads to medication errors (CHUMS Study. Barber N et al. Quality and Safety in Health Care, 2009). Don’t let this happen to your staff, don’t be satisfied with a ‘tick-box’ approach to medication training, ultimately the risks are too high.